About - Mashk

Mashk has always been in contact with the world of music. Born in France, he started learning the piano at 5 thanks to his parents. This is the thunderbolt his way has found. At the age of 18, he gradually abandoned the piano for the saxophone, and on the advice of one of his teachers and friend who pushes him this way, he becomes a professor of music theory and saxophone. He is still teaching in conservatories, including one where he was a pupil - simple logic return things. By education and training, he explores and walks in totally different styles ranging from classical to jazz, hip hop and electronic music, which is for him an extension of contemporary classic music. He has many musical influences: Bach, Coltrane and he can’t dissociate through Steve Reich or Arvo Part for the main. One will find many styles and a lot of sensitivity in his music and his universe. For him music is synonymous with travel, reflection, a sort of mysticism and must express emotions. He also tries to transcribe his passion for literature and philosophy in his musical universe. Music must try to touch people's hearts and is all about sharing. Being curious, he likes making musical experiences and exploring the sonic material. Always trying to improve and develop his music, he favors harmony, rhythm (rhythm work on equivalences) and is still in search of a certain aesthetic beauty and purity.

In 2013, under the guidance of one of his friends he sends some of his tracks to different labels and his work is rewarded with a positive answer from Parquet Recordings. His meeting with Solee will be decisive. Indeed, his music is part of Solee’s compilations re: cognition 5 & 6 with his tracks Spheris and Last Breath. This is for him the beginning of a new musical adventure and chapter.




Discography - Mashk



Spheris : 

Re:cognition vol.5 by Solee (Parquet Records)


Tanzwiese 011 (Tretmuehle records)

 (from Artefacts Mastering : "it's a lovely composition, really well produced and balanced") 

 (from Solee : i really like  "Spheris")


Last Breath :

Re:cognition vol.6 by Solee  (Parquet Records)

(from Solee : "very beautiful track!!! love it!) 



The Right Way Mashk remix (Altivar)

Trust in you by Altivar (Konectik Digital)




28:04:2014 : OUT NOW !!!!




E.P for Parquet Records (Spring 2014) 5 tracks including a beautiful remix of Last Breath By Solee 


From Solee : i signed the original of "last breath" by Mashk, about 1 year ago for my re:cognition 6 compilation and i´m in love with it since then! so i decided to make a rework of this wonderful track, keepin the spirit of the original but a little bit more dancefloor-orientated...hope you like it! it will be released end of april together with 2 brandnew & very lovely tracks by the french newcomer mashk!


Last Breath Original Mix on Elfenstaub, VOL. 10 - Deep Electronic Journey Through Time & Space



Remix of Sweatshirt with "Unicorn"  on Poesie Musik 




From Poesie Musik : an amazing halftime remix by the fresh French talent  Mashk

From Chloé : I heard your remix for us the first time and everything around me stopped. Truly thankful for such a great track you did


News - Mashk


Out now : my remix of Sweatshirt : Unicorn for Poesie Musik




My first E.P'll be released on Parquet Records. (5 tracks)

The track list :

#1: Last Breath Solee remix, #2: Solar Spectrum, #3: Milchstraße, #4: Last Breath (Last Vision remix), #5: Souvenirs.




19:10: 2013 

Mix Live @ BPM records shop  in Belgium for BPM records shop's Birthday !! Exclusives tracks : "For Her"  (Beyond The Words Records) has been played for the 1st time for my introduction set and some unreleases tracks : "Insectarium" (Beyond The Words Records) & Last Breath (Mashk Remix)... date of this releases soon...


Thanks to Phil of BPM records shop, other DJs & Greg for the pics.



"Last Breath" has been played lived on Galaxie F.M by Dj Phil M from BPM records shop (19h-20h) on wednesday 20:11:2013



"Last Breath" has been played on Insomnia FM by Pasco B in Montreal


My first guest mix on an russian radioshow called A Fortego Heartfeels is out now - the tracklist is ready and mixed :

For Her - Last Breath - Insectarium - Solar Spectrum - Milchstraße - Spheris




New mix for the webradio MixIndustry  - The tracklist :  For HerLast Breath (Live version), Solee - Sommerliebe (Mashk remix)Paradigma (exclusive), InsectariumSolar Spectrum (Live version) and some tracks of Parquet records. 



New set ready for Rind Radio (Webradio) more infos to follow...  (July 2014)


My Unofficial remix of the beautiful Pheasant from Einmusik, here... 


From Einmusik : "We like it"


My Unofficial remix of the beautiful Selbstreflexion from Zusammenklang


From Zusammenklang : I like your remix of " Selbstreflexion" very much & and have it all right in the ear.

° really nice work °


Out Now

"Last Breath" on Re:Cognition vol.6 by Solee (Parquet records) &  Elfenstaub, VOL. 10 - Deep Electronic Journey Through Time & Space


"Spheris" on Re:Cognition vol.5 by Solee (Parquet records) Tanzwiese 011 (Tretmuehle records)






Feedbacks - Mashk

Some feedback

- from Randall Jones : SickkkRandall Jones : Sickkkk music, as always, from Parquet. Solee's mix is a bomba i'm gonna play it in my sets 100% 

- from FredNova : Last breath owns the sunrise (both Solee's remix as the Last Vision Version) ch00n!
- from Animal Trainer : Last Vision Version is brilliant...

- from DJ Root : Lush and expressive. More than just dance music though each will move the floor if it needs too. Listening music for the feet and the soul. I adore them all and can't wait to play them out. 

- from Dale Middleton : Like the sound of both Milchstrasse & last breath (NV) really good work 

- from Microtrauma : Solee Remix is outstanding!!! 

- from Oliver Schories : Wonderful EP. Thx

- from Criss Source : Amazing emotional Remix from Solee. Again a release powered by warm strings and an arrangement that needs to feel the song in the core  Love it... Dankesch

- from Raphael Marionneau : sch√∂n! wie immer!   danke

- from dj ravin : great full support 

- from Zusammenklang : nice ep 

from Olivier Weiter (official page) : Great Solee remix  Thanks!